Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Woke up with this on the heart

For my family, my friends, present and erstwhile. For Will. For deliciously soft yarns and clicky needles. For cityscapes and beaches. For the color red. For Christmas lights. For 3yos. For hills to hike up. Even the really, really hard ones. For JustLove Coffee. For new babies coming in January. For Brooklyn, NY and Nashville, TN and Alexandria, VA. For handmade paper. For Lucinda Williams. For kitties. For The Med. For a paycheck. For my church family. For dreams to dream. For vernacular architecture. For books, books, books. For a healing thyroid.


holly wynne said...


Erin said...

It's funny that you mention babies born in January, because this song has been on my "Mix for Charlotte" for months. I heart you -- come visit soon!

eea49 said...

Erin--I need to! And, of course, Charlotte is one of the babies that inspired the outpouring of thanks!