Monday, December 21, 2009

Grumble, grumble

Put the Christmas spirit on hold for a few minutes. Students that were terrible students should not be allowed to evaluate their instructors. If you didn't come to class more than half the time, and actually posed the question "How seriously do you want us to take this assignment?" then just shut up. PS--This is student performance unworthy of honors students.

Part the Second:
To balance out the above grumble, here's an article to avenge the put-upon and bring a smile to your face:
At least some poor b-----d got what he deserved.


holly wynne said...

Ugh. I'm sorry. Student evaluations are the most farcical part of the year, I believe. The best one I think was the guy who said he lost brain cells after having been in my class.

He, of course, gave himself quite a bit of have to have something to be able to use it.

eea49 said...

I hate honors students. And student evaluations. Although I maintain that the meanest one I ever turned was 100% warranted. And to think I have to do this again next semester...

Will Norrid said...

aww...don't grumble too much. Perhaps your students will be better next semester!

eea49 said...

Perhaps they will. Because I will make them tremble.

Jennifer Gerhardt said...

The only kids who comment are the ones with a beef. None of the kids who gave me great scores ever really said anything more than "enjoyed the class." The ones who drove me crazy continued the pattern in the evaluation and wrote a book.
I'm all for evaluations but isn't there a way to make sure the responses are accurate?
I also think it's hilarious that you hate honors kids! :)