Monday, April 19, 2010

Be Warm Begins!

Rosalind Russell in The Women. During this scene, Russell ceaselessly knits as she uncovers that her estranged cousin's ex-husband's mistress-turned-wife is now the mistress-turned-fiancee of the husband of the Contess DeLave, whom she met at the Dude Ranch-Home-For-Divorcing-Wives. They've lost their equilibrium.

Be Warm meets up Thursday at 7:00 at Green Frog Coffee at E. Baltimore Street, Jackson. We're meeting to decide how we want to go about clothing the homeless and needy in our area through our humble needles and a few balls of yarn. (Few balls--giggle.)

Mother by Prabha Raj
Watch her, as she
Sits and knits.

As pair of needles
Criss cross,
I see her thoughts
Setting her wrinkles
To play.

The moment she completes
The picking of stitches,
Her wrinkles
Erase out.

I call it
The juxtaposition of
Mind and sentiment.


Strand Family said...

I wish I could join you! I have to find a group like this here. I'm sure they exist. The long winters require all sorts of inside socialization...take that as you will.

eea49 said...

Erica is our member-at-large for the Pacific Coast region, and you are welcome to be the member-at-large for the Greater Northern Plains region. How does that sound? Probably not as good as the Elvis-themed banana/PB/bacon cupcake. Holey moley.