Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Birthday Cards

Layla says: "Aun Terin, I made you a birthday card. Open it and read it!"
Inside of the card, it says: "Aunt Erin, I made you a birthday card."


Soundly Vegan said...

Hello there Terin, heh.

I'm D from over at Soundly Vegan. Thank you for linking our blog on your site. These blogs provide such an amazing intersection of lives. I read your profile and smiled when I saw that you curate at a museum. When I was younger I used to have dreams about curating a museum dedicated to medieval tapestry.
Anyway, warmest regards from us to you from the Pacific Northwest.


eea49 said...

Ha ha! Thanks, D. H and I went to high school together, and I came across the blog through her facebook page. I'm a vegetarian, so new recipes are always appreciated here. Being a curator is the coolest job ever! I can't imagine any other intellectual or personal pursuit of my life leading to any other career. You must have had a serious awareness of Western culture to dream-curate tapestries as a kid!

Soundly Vegan said...


H is never going to let me live this one down, heh. I had no idea you know H though the Tennessee locale should have tipped me off.

I grew up in a very culturally rich environment. My father is a scientist and my mother is too varied to describe in under a month of speed-talking. We traveled a great deal out of the country as children and instilled a love of England and it's history within me at a very early age. I wanted to pursue history at university but my father wrinkled his nose at that suggestion and instead encouraged the scientific road.

Now, I make simply brew up evil concoctions in my kitchen and torture H with them. Life is good.


Strand Family said...

That's ridiculosly cute!